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Ahhh Minty Fresh

I decided to try making some Girl Scout Thin mints about two weeks ago. It was quite an endeavor. I had to take over my kitchen for about 3 hours to just BAKE THEM. The damn things are needy to say the least but rather delicious. The price for their chocolatey goodness is not worth it to me so I wont’ be making them again but at least I can say I have!

So this is the recipe I opted to use.

These cookies started off as sad little logs of….chocolate dough. It crossed my mind as to why I chose to make these.

Things started to look up once I sliced the cylinders. NOTE:Cutting them was a tad dangerous. I can proudly say I have all my fingers. I baked them for about 15 minutes. They came out perfectly crisp. I would suggest using a timer because that was the only way I kept track of it.

So after I cooled the little chocolate disks in the freezer for about 5 minutes I took them out for their chocolate bath.

I just used a fork to coat them. It was not a fancy operation. The one thing I was careful about was making a mess. I lined every pan with foil so that the chocolate coated cookies could cool and be easily removed from the pan. After a full pan was created, back in the freezer the cookies went.

Then the best part! The cookies were enjoyed by all who had them.  I would have preferred a slightly more minty cookie but now this is just an excuse to go do that for Christmas. So stay tuned for a truly MINT-TASTIC cookie coming your way December 2011. (*dramatic premier music*)


About ccignarale

I'm a short, quirky Industrial Engineering graduate student that loves to bake. I've done my fair share of boxed desserts and am now ready for a baking adventure. So, I hope that there are some doughy bits of goodness in my future.

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