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Two of my Favorite Things <3

This is one of the best weekends of the year in my opinion. HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!!!! Skeletons, pumpkins, ghosts, creepy things are in every store. I have restrained myself for the most part from buying into it all. Two of my very good friends have gotten me some awesome gifts though: Pumpkin luminary and a ghost dish. So cute 🙂 But about the baking…Since this is my favorite time of year I decided why not make it even better b

y baking my favorite dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies. To add some semblance of health I used dark chocolate chips and drizzle. But,  in reality these cookies are not going to be helping my daily vitamin quota but by god they are delicious.

I opted to use the Nestle chocolate chip cookies recipe.  Why ruin a good thing? That was my reasoning.  I do have a few tips though…

To achieve such perfectly creamed butter and sugar, warm the butter slightly in the microwave so it’s soft but not melted. If the butter melts, GAME OVER. Your cookies will not turn out right. They will be too thin if you were doing drop cookies and spread awkwardly. If you are not comfortable with your microwaving skills you could always let the butter come to room temperature but that takes time.

Also, spray the pan with a cooking spray before putting the dough into the pan. I can assure you the pan relinquished the cookies easily with the aid of the spray otherwise it would have been a fight.

Use a metal cookie cutter for this. The metal is more rigid and will be able to cut through the chips if any happen to get in the way. Also, these cookies only baked for 20 minutes and got this dark. It was not an issue though since the middle was perfectly doughy.

Use candy melts for the drizzle. It was super easy to  warm almost a half a pound in the microwave, stir, and drizzle. I didn’t have to make a double boiler or add butter. The consistency and the flavor were great.

I got a little carried away with the chocolate for this one. I think this might put someone into a massive sugar high so I’m not sure if it’s safe for consumption. Originally this was my  concept to dip the cookies in chocolate and put jack-o-lantern faces on them but common sense got the better of me. Not many people want that much chocolate. Plus there is no good reason to mask the delicious cookie.

My little pumpkin cookie patch. The recipe did make 3 more cookies than this but I couldn’t ruin my symmetry by putting them on the plate. This is a great recipe but very rich. The cookies have a great flavor though. Happy Halloween everyone!

About ccignarale

I'm a short, quirky Industrial Engineering graduate student that loves to bake. I've done my fair share of boxed desserts and am now ready for a baking adventure. So, I hope that there are some doughy bits of goodness in my future.

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  1. your butter hints are so dead on! totally couldn’t agree with you more.


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