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Swirly Bread

I am still on break and have read a few books regarding the food culture in America. Specifically I’ve read the Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I’m slightly paranoid now about all the corn we Americans eat so I’ve been making my own bread lately. It’s a little hard being patient for it to rise but well worth it. Here is the recipe I used for cinnamon swirl bread.

Here’s the yeast in a foamy state as mentioned in the recipe.


Here’s the Cinnamon Butter Mixture


Then I rolled out the dough and spread the mixture over the bread by hand. A spoon was not going to work ever.


I rolled up the dough and plopped it in the bread tin so it could rise again. For a finishing touch I poured milk over the top.


The bread baked and I finally got to try it!!! This recipe is a “keeper.”



About ccignarale

I'm a short, quirky Industrial Engineering graduate student that loves to bake. I've done my fair share of boxed desserts and am now ready for a baking adventure. So, I hope that there are some doughy bits of goodness in my future.

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