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Kris Kross Cookies

Kris Kross will make you Crunch..Crunch. I know not everyone will get the reference but the link is amusing.

I have gone back to basics with this post. I made peanut butter cookies. There are no add-ins, no frosting, nothing. It doesn’t even have flour. This lack of four made me highly suspicious and I’m still not committed to this recipe. I got the recipe from They had just found me a great sugar cookie recipe so I figured I could trust them. Well like I said these came out interesting.

It started off fine with mixing the peanut butter and the sugar. Look at that crystalline goodness.


Things still seemed on the up and up after all the ingredients were mixed.


Then I rolled little once inch balls of dough and criss-crossed them with a fork. It seemed like I was going to have some GREAT cookies.


Then I met the cookies. “Oh, hey cookies, you’re so flat and crunchy.” What is this work of the devil?  (I despise such cookie types. )


I then bake the next batch for a  significantly shorter time. These are doughy but still not what I would say is the “best” peanut butter cookie. It just looks sad. I want to be happy when I’m eating a peanut butter cookie. These cookies just remind me of my deflated dreams of getting more homework done tonight. Needless to say I will be trying another peanut butter cookie recipe to redeem this blasphemy.


Ahhh Minty Fresh

I decided to try making some Girl Scout Thin mints about two weeks ago. It was quite an endeavor. I had to take over my kitchen for about 3 hours to just BAKE THEM. The damn things are needy to say the least but rather delicious. The price for their chocolatey goodness is not worth it to me so I wont’ be making them again but at least I can say I have!

So this is the recipe I opted to use.

These cookies started off as sad little logs of….chocolate dough. It crossed my mind as to why I chose to make these.

Things started to look up once I sliced the cylinders. NOTE:Cutting them was a tad dangerous. I can proudly say I have all my fingers. I baked them for about 15 minutes. They came out perfectly crisp. I would suggest using a timer because that was the only way I kept track of it.

So after I cooled the little chocolate disks in the freezer for about 5 minutes I took them out for their chocolate bath.

I just used a fork to coat them. It was not a fancy operation. The one thing I was careful about was making a mess. I lined every pan with foil so that the chocolate coated cookies could cool and be easily removed from the pan. After a full pan was created, back in the freezer the cookies went.

Then the best part! The cookies were enjoyed by all who had them.  I would have preferred a slightly more minty cookie but now this is just an excuse to go do that for Christmas. So stay tuned for a truly MINT-TASTIC cookie coming your way December 2011. (*dramatic premier music*)