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Blue Moon, you left me standing alone

You may want to listen to this while browsing my pictures. Now that you have the proper ambiance let’s get into the details of how these pretty cupcakes are made. Today was a brewery tour for graduating seniors. Thankfully I fall into that category so I got to enjoy several beers this afternoon. Before this excursion I met up with two friends to make some alcohol-inspired cupcakes in honor of the trip. I used this recipe.


Here are the butter and sugar getting creamed


Then we added the eggs, vanilla, food coloring, and eggs.


This is the disgusting milk and beer mixture the recipe requested.


Once the beer mixture and the flour were mixed in, the batter finally had a beer color.


I filled up the cupcake liners carefully. Disregard the wine opener in the corner.


After 15 minutes the cupcakes were done. Notice how perfectly domed they are.


Here is Steph making the sugar mixture for the frosting.


Rachel whipped the eggs to make soft peaks.


I cut up the sugared orange slices.


The desired outcome.


This cupcake has the lightest orange taste and is excellent.


ALLLLL the cupcakes!


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Happy Holidays from upstate New York! For reasons unbeknownst to me it still hasn’t “really” snowed here but I’m not complaining. We can have a green Christmas, New Year’s, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Easter….ALL YEAR. YEAHHH BUDDY.Ok enough of this. I probably just jinxed myself.

So this year to make things a little different I tried a chocolate rolled sugar cookie in addition to the classic vanilla. The dough for that was amazing but I wish the baked cookie was a little more chocolate-y. I even made my own homemade frosting for these cookies. I’m not sure what possessed me to do that but I was still ambitious and full of pep at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon. It might have been from the latte I had with Sara at 1pm. So these are the recipes I used. There was no way I was going to try and wing these recipes so I used ones that seem respected by the baking community.




Now for the interesting part of this blog…the pictures

The doughs: I rolled them out in confectionery sugar and cocoa respectively


My pre-baked creations








Many minutes later…

In the meantime, makin’ some frosting

Well I my brother doesn’t believe in traditional colors so this is the craziness I ended up with..

I then sit down to about 6 different types of sprinkles, glitter gel, and M&Ms to make some magic.

I love snowmen so I got very creative with them.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I frosted these ones.

Sometimes I even personalize cookies.

Also, my brother’s house is fully decorated for the holiday season. This is just a glimpse of how much Christmas cheer I was sitting in.

Duke really wanted a cookie.

My brother also got in on the baking and made some Italian cookies.

So have a good holiday although this wish may be premature since I will most likely be baking up until Dec 25th.