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Roomie Dinner:Pesto Chicken, Italian Potato Wedges, & Roasted Broccoli

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It’s been way too long since my last post. Apparently graduating in 2 months entails hours of work outside of class. My consolation is I finally proposed my thesis. (WOOOOOOO HOOO!) Since I have been doing so much homework I’ve been subsisting on rice and fruit and gummy bears. Well fortunately, I got a new roommate! So now I have someone to cook with 🙂 .After a long hard week of classes we decided to pool ingredients and create this meal. It wasn’t really planned more like improvised so It’ll be hard to write down quantities for the ingredients.

To make the potatoes or broccoli preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit

Italian Potato Wedges

  • wash potatoes
  • cut up potatoes into wedges, toss into a large bowl
  • pour on about 2 TBS of olive oil
  • season with Italian seasoning, pepper, salt, basil, Parmesan cheese
  • mix thoroughly
  • cut up a small-medium size onion
  • line a pan with foil and put the potatoes on the sheet, spread onion over the potatoes
  • put in oven, bake for ~40min

Roasted Broccoli

  • Line pan with foil
  • pour frozen broccoli onto sheet
  • drizzle 1 TBS of olive oil over broccoli and toss
  • sprinkle salt and pepper to taste

This did originally call for fresh broccoli but it still came out delicious with the frozen (just less crispy)


Pesto Chicken

  • Heat a frying pan on medium heat
  • Spray pan with cooking spray
  • place chicken on pan
  • season with salt, pepper, & Italian seasoning
  • fully cook all chicken pieces
  • when all the chicken is done place half a teaspoon of pesto on each piece
  • sprinkle with Parmesan cheese



We also paired this with some wine. It was quite the classy meal.